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He mass difference of nand p as well as that of jJ and e may be described as being due to the coupli of the parity non-conserving and parity conserving parts, FUNDAMENTAL INTERACTIONS the coupling constant being Yp. 5) leads to and corresponds to switching off the mass difference of the weakly interacting particles. Thus I~> is the wave function for particles of various spins and equal mass. 10) do not conserve parity. This is contrary to the case discussed for the photon where a parity transformation, because of the 46 KURSUNOGLU B5 , scalar character of led to an interchange of the two possible states of the same particle.

In any weak process the emitted lepton is always polarized along its direction of flight (longitudinal The degree of longitudinal polarization v normally is equal to + - for the lepton. The form of polarization) . - c interaction is such that the lepton tends to be lefthanded (spin and momentum antiparallel) while the antilepto FUNDAMENTAL INTERACTIONS tends to be right handed. neutrinos y c In particular for the 1, the degree of longitudinal polarization (helicity) is always complete. 24) and T3 and Y for N=6 representation of SU(3,1) are not needed, since the wave functions corresponding to eigenvalues +1 and -1 of these operators are related by the unitary transformation 1jI' The p = 00 = r 5 IjI case corresponds to turning off their mass dif- ferences and hence their weak behavior.

In order to remedy the above situation we must reexamine the symmetry basis of our theory. In fact the answer is contained in the observation that the commutation relations of the group SU(3,1) are satisfied not only by r ~v but also by -r ~v . 70) where and does, of course, commute with all the space-time transformations contained in the group G the Lorentz group of four dimensions. operates on the two velocity vectors o as well as in The matrix q3 vl~' v2~ corre- sponding to two signs of the electric charge.

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