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By A. W. Czanderna

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The goal for depth profiling is to be able to raise the sputtering rate to above 50 Ä/min. Triode ion gun sources [72,74] have been developed for commercial instruments which combine telefocusing with high ion current density and desired (trapezoidal) beam profiles. An important advance for improving the signal-to-noise ratio was made independently by Schubert and Tracy [ 7 3 ] and Maul et al. [ 7 4 ] . They recognized that when energetic atoms or ions scattered or sputtered from the target enter the quadrupole analyzer, ternary ions can be released from surfaces such as the quadrupole rods.

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It is an excellent way to start learning the details and problems of surface analysis with a minimum expenditure of time and money. That is not to say that this technique is trivial and useful only for preliminary learning purposes. By utilizing suitable sensitive mass spectrometric analysis and properly controlled substrate heat­ ing and gas introduction, significant data can be obtained. The extended literature describing the utilization of flash filament indicates its significant value. The term flash filament used to describe this general technique arises from the fact that many researchers use wires or ribbons (filaments) and cause desorption by rapid heating of these substrates (flashing).

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