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By Thompson M.L.

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7), a much larger pool of CO precursors was found on the Ni/La203 than on a Ni/SiO2 catalyst under similar operating conditions [34]. "']! 2- ....... i Figure 7. Normalized changes in isotopic concentration of the gas effluents after the 13CO2/lZcH4/Ar/He to 12CO2/lZcH4/Ar switch. (a) 12CO2; (b) 12C0; (c) 13CO; (d) He; (e) H 13CO2 ^ Note that CO2 curves superimposed with inert tracer He curves are not included for the sake of clarity [37]. For Ni/SiO2, both CH4 and COe activations were a s s u m e d to occur directly on the metallic surface [34].

Metal loading was carried out by impregnation method. Sequential impregnation was followed in cases where both metals were loaded. The support was calcined at 500~ for 2 h after the metal loading to give the catalyst precursor. About 5 g of the catalyst precursor was sulfided at 400 ~ for 1 h to ensure complete sulfiding of the metal oxides. 3. It was physically mixed in ratios of 1:1 and 9:1 by wt with metal sulfides loaded on A1203 to give a mixture; and then pressure molding (400 kg/cm 2) the mixture to granules to 20/40 mesh.

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