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Having recognized his own carita, the meditator is able to create or select a suitable environment and avoid unsuitable ones. The different character types or classes of temperaments are considered to be six in number. They are: the Lustful (ràga-carita), the Hating (dosa-carita), the Dull (moha-carita), the Faithful (saddhà-carita), the Intelligent (buddhi-carita), and the Speculative (vitakka-carita). We shall now examine these six character types in turn and discuss the sort of environment suitable for each of them.

He should not consider these matters of any importance. To practise mental culture is to take the medicine of immortality, which can cure the most dangerous disease of all, namely the disease of defilements and suffering. The Dhamma medicine guarantees permanent freedom from these diseases and this each one can realize within himself. Anyone who is already in bad health should lose no time in getting cured so that he does not have to be concerned about treatment while practising. If he has tried his best, using all ways and means, and has still failed to get rid of his illness, then he had better give up treatment and stop being concerned about it.

In certain centres this ritual is designed to create a relationship based on materialistic interests: and it has in fact been claimed that this ritual, which is of later date, was instituted and maintained purely in order to take advantage of pupils in one way or another. Teachers in olden times, not having any such ritual, were fortunately immune to such charges. They held, in accordance with the principles laid down by the Buddha, that Nirvàõa (that is to say, guidance towards Nirvàõa) must be given free and with open hands.

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