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By Cornelis Arnold Pompe

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Six years after the rendering of the Nuremberg Judgment international stipulations usually are not reminiscent of to inspire a learn on what constituted its central innovation within the felony box: the punishment of the authors of competitive warfare. The conflict alliance opposed to the Axis Powers which was once the political foundation of the Nuremberg Trial and of the United kingdom~ supplier has damaged up. Mutual worry, threats and accusations and a huge armament race are the dominating elements in overseas lifestyles in the course of the chilly struggle interval, and the minds of statesmen, army males and attorneys alike are extra preoccupied with the matter of ways to win a potential 3rd international conflict than with that of forestalling its incidence and warding off accountability for its outbreak. whereas the survival in their freedom and civilization is at stake, the international locations appear extra motive on getting ready for what's vaguely and equivocally referred to as 'self-defence' than on accepting and assuring the reign of legislations. the tension of the protracted fight in Korea, additionally, turns out to show the 1st test with army sanctions opposed to an aggressor right into a vintage video game of energy politics. it isn't magnificent that during such situations little power is displayed in efforts to enforce the rules to which the United countries pledged themselves in Nuremberg, and that many statesmen and legal professionals appear ready to desert, at the least for the close to destiny, the precedent of the time of alliance, expression of self assurance within the victory of legislation over force.

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34 WAR referring to the unilateral conduct or to the intention of one of the parties. But both concepts were connected, they indicated two aspects of the same thing. The three elements which served till now to distinguish war from other armed proceedings 1) have disappeared or have become irrecognizable in the Tokyo Judgment. The material element, that of fact, - a certain extent and duration of the hostilities and their general effect on the relations between the parties involved - has no more significance, as every act of military force, even if strictly localized and immediately stopped, as every extra-territorial use of force, seems to constitute war.

By a similar construction the Tribunal determined japan's aggressive war against the Netherlands notwithstanding the fact that the Dutch declared war against Japan six weeks before Japan did so and actually attacked the Dutch Indies. Also this country was in the forementioned Naval order indicated as 'expected enemy', with whom there would be a state of war from midnight 8 December onwards. Says the Court: "recognising the existence of a state of war and faced by the imminent threat of invasion of her Far Eastern territories, which the conspirators had long planned and were now about to execute, the Netherlands in selfdefence declared war on Japan" 5).

The Colombian Representative, Urrutia, resumed the main objection against the Yugoslav proposal as follows: "An automatic method of suspending hostilities might have its merits in situations involving minor incidents between two States neither of which had any aggressive intentions ... but not in case of real aggression", p. 254, par. 13. 44 WAR OF AGGRESSION sures to be taken against any Member who would "resort to war in disregard of its covenants under Articles 12, 13 or 15 ... ". On the one side there is the conciliatory, or otherwise peaceful approach to a situation of war in which two States have become involved, in whatever manner it may be.

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