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Ershov et al. Vorojcov NN. Bases of intermediates and dyes synthesis. М. Goshimisdat, 1955. Kogan IM. М. Goshimisdat. 1956. , Passet BV, Ioffe BA. Technology of organic dyes and intermediates. L. Chimiya, 1980. I. Introduction to chemistry and technology of organic dyes. М. Chimiya, 1984. , Andre J. Molecular semiconductors. М. Mir, 1988. // J. Physical Chemistry (russian). 2007. 81. 715. , Zaikov GE//Chemical physics and mesoscopy. 2007. 9. №4. 415. , Guseva LN, Ershov YA // J. Physical Chemistry (russian).

23dB) Figure 1. Electronic structure of mixture structure O2+O3. Parameters of the Combustion of Differential Propellant in Mixture ... (configuration 2). 73 dB). Figure 2. Electronic structure of mixture structure O2+O3. 25 dB) Figure 3. Electronic structure of mixture structure O2+O3. 53 54 V. A. Babkin, K. V. Sergeeva, E. S. Titova et al. (configuration 4). 31dB) Figure 4. Electronic structure of mixture structure O2+O3. The Сonfiguration 4 possesses most importance general energy E0=243430 kDg/mol.

So, by heating (160ºС, more than 30 mines) can achieve practically full discoloration of such films that is presented on Figure 6 in the form of transition from a spectrum 1 to a spectrum 2 at considerable decrease in a visible band with λmax = 526 nm (νmax = 19 000 cm1 ). At the same time, a little big duration of heating for this purpose is required. Besides, 222 Yu. A. Mikheev, M L. N. N Guseva, Yuu. A. Ershov ett al. unnlike films wiith rodamineоом B, degree of o restoration of optical dennsity of a visibble band at im mmersing in water w reaches only half of optical densitty of thermallly discolored films with roodamine G (Fiigure 6, a specctrum 3).

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