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18. Magnet assembly for measurement of saturation magnetization at low temperatures. 54 IV. MEASUREMENT OF SATURATION MAGNETISM is obtained at up to 2200 volts from a stabilized source, Model RC-2-2300. The stability of the field has proved to be more than adequate over long periods of time. The pole gap is 2% inches, and was produced between truncated conical tips brought down from 12 inches to 4 inches face. The field is uniform to within a small fraction of 1% over a volume of at least 1 cubic inch between the poles.

Some complications are introduced by the necessity that during measurements of magnetization the sample must be at liquid helium temperature or lower. Other requirements are that the sample should be in a uniform field during measurement, and that provision should be made for carrying out chemical treat- 2. THE METHOD OF WEISS AND FORRER 53 ment, such as reduction in flowing hydrogen at 400°C, evacuation, and so forth, all in situ. The most appropriate method for these purposes appears to be that of Weiss and Forrer.

The particle, when placed in an external field, tends to behave like a paramagnetic atom, but one which has a very large magnetic moment. That such behavior actually occurs was shown by Elmore 6 who studied colloidal suspensions of magnetite and of gamma-ferric oxide. But there is also a mechanism of thermal relaxation not involving physical rotation of the particle. 7 Several names have been suggested for the magnetic behavior *The word "massive" will be used to mean matter in the form of relatively large, well-crystallized pieces.

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