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Since energy absorption seemed to be related to biological response, it was natural to define absorbed dose. Absorbed dose due to any ionizing radiation is the energy imparted to matter by ionizing particles per unit mass of irradiated material at the place of interest. The unit of absorbed dose is the "rad" and is equal to an energy absorption of 100 ergs/g. R A D I A T I O N FIELDS 37 Most portable survey instruments for electromagnetic radiation depend for their operation on the measurement of ionization produced in air or other gas, and are usually either ionization chamber or Geiger-Muller tube instru­ ments.

Haploid yeast survival in air, induced reversions in diploid S. cerevisiae, survival, a, Diploid yeast survival in air. ■, Haploid or diploid S. cerevisiae in N2. ♦, Artemia eggs, hatching or emergence. * Mammalian tissues, various. *, Mammalian tissues, various. X, Broad bean root, various effects on growth and survival. Tradescantia microspores, chromatid and isochromatid breaks. Rabbit crystalline lens cells, destruction and division effects, mammalian injury up to LET20. • Stichococcus, survival.

Rr^ ^r D —i -\ j i -\-\ \ o i— I | t | jH/Ss rt He: ■ - j -- j ■ r T-l He Tri-t on; \\ Dpu l e t on^_ ons -j -1-4 Kao V / '? ~n-£l-e< ;4^cms iY/ - j-PioiV5-- rN I-- j-| ~ - ■■ j IVI U l |- ■ - -N -} {- H ]--■■4 ■ - j— 4[-— 11 /rf ~ K^ "i I Residual 100 10 particle energy (MeV) X BL709- 3 8 6 8 Fig. 5. Quality factors of charged particles as a function of energy. RADIATION FIELDS by DE= it° V > /QF(L)Ldz, 45 (6) where D represents summation over n particles and the integral is a line integral along each track within the volume of tissue.

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