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Dieses Buch mit seinen zahlreichen Fragen und Antworten sowie Aufgaben und Lösungen wendet sich vorwiegend an Studierende natur- und ingenieurwissenschaftlicher Studiengänge der ersten Semester an Technischen Universitäten und Fachhochschulen. Im Mittelpunkt stehen Vektoren, Determinanten und Matrizen, lineare Gleichungssysteme, Eigenwerte und Eigenvektoren quadratischer Matrizen, Gerade und Ebene im Raum, Verschiebung und Drehung von Koordinatensystemen, Kegelschnitte.

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The element Ao E H* is fixed by (Ao, a ~ ) - 5jo, (Ao, d ) - 0. 5) u one has for a i E H and Xa+r~6 E g(A)o~+n6 = (. 4). This shows that the simple coroots do not discriminate between the n(f parts of the real roots. At this point one sees the importance of the scaling element d. 8) one obtains [d, x~+,~6] = (a + nS, d)x~+,~6 = naox~+,~6. 4). ). For Kac-Moody algebras of type Aft (1) one has 0 = 5-or0. 13) This gives (010) = ( a o i a o ) = 2. ,ak, Ao}. 13) between 0 and 3 in H* has its analogue in the abelian subalgebra H.

The Virasoro algebra is used in chapters 25 and 26 to establish the boson-fermion correspondence. We define the Witt algebra as the Lie algebra of vector fields on the unit circle S 1. Recall that a vector field on a manifold M is a prescription which assigns to each point p C M a vector tangent to M. e. f(~) = f ( ~ + 27r). 3) is given by IX, Y] - dg df) f(7:')~ - g(7:')~ d ~--~. 4) We restrict ourselves to functions f admitting a Fourier decomposition. c~ oo f(p) - a + E bk cos k~ + E k----1 ck sin k~.

2 Let L be a finite-dimensional simple Lie algebra. 20) is an ideal in the polynomial loop algebra L(t) ). This means that L(t~ ) is not a simple Lie algebra. 30 Extensions of Lie algebras Let us now try to construct non-trivial 2-cocycles on the loop algebra L(~). 3. To begin with we assume that we have on L(~) a symmetric associative bilinear form ( , ) such that one has for all derivations d on L(~) (d(x),y) - - ( x , d ( y ) ) . ] Now derivations on the finite-dimensional simple part ~ of L(~) are inner derivations, which lead, according to the result of the previous section, to trivial central extensions.

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