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Des Curtis used to be one of many founder contributors of 618 Squadron. shaped inside days of the illustrious 617, 618 s fundamental goal used to be to mount a sunlight low-level assault by means of Mosquitos at the German battleship Tirpitz inside hours of the assault at the Ruhr dams. The operation, code named Operation Servant, was once given best safety type, to the purpose the place the topic used to be excluded from the mins of the conferences of the Chiefs of employees of the air and naval forces.

The writer unearths the dilemmas and conflicting priorities current to the top degrees, starting off intimately the technicalities of constructing the bouncing bomb . He additionally writes first hand in regards to the tactical difficulties of having to and from the objective; and the tensions and lines continued via the Mosquito crews themselves, as they took the conflict to the German U-Boats in the sight and protection in their bases.

A well compiled and awarded name that places the Mosquito right into a new standpoint and the way its crews rose to the missions even if the undertaking appeared elusive., 04/2010

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