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By Johannes Henricus Scholten

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As the ancient productions of the Indian literature, originally the expression of the popular thought of India, were elevated by the Brahmins into Veda, holy, inspired scripture, so also the religious literature of Israel took on the character of a closed Canon, so that what was once the expression of religious life became now rule of faith. The standpoint of the law which prophetism had already overcome was again strongly maintained, the law enriched with a number of new ordinances, and the essence of religion made to consist partly in dogmatic speculation, partly in a merely outward service, devoid of inner life.

24-26. [23] Ex. xiii. 2, 12-16; xxii. 28, 29; xxx. 11-16; xxxiv. 19, 20. [24] Gen. xv. 17; Ex. iii. 2; xix. 16-18; xxiv. 17; xl. 38; Levit. x. 2; Numb. xvi. 35; Deut. iv. 15, 24; v. 24, 25. [25] 1 Kings, vii. 25, 29. [26] Ex. xxvii. 2. [27] Comp. Ezek. i. 10; x. 14. [28] 1 Kings, xviii. 23. [29] 1 Kings, xi. 5; 2 Kings, xvi. 3; xxi. 3; xxiii. 4, et seq; 2 Chron. xxxiii. 3; Ezek. xvi. 20, 21; Jer. xix. 5. [30] Amos. v. 25, 26. [31] Judges, xi. 30-40. [32] Ex. xxxii. 27-29; Numb. xxv. 4. [33] 2 Sam.

The passage from the earlier poetical nature-worship to the worship of the divine in human form seems to be indicated in the war which Olympian Zeus waged with Cronos and the Titans. , became, with the poets and philosophers after Homer, matters of speculation, of which the theogonies of Hesiod, Orpheus, Pherecydes, and others furnish proof. 4. THE ROMANS. In the religion of the Greeks, the æsthetic and moral character of the Grecian people was deified, and in the Romans also we see how that which men value most exerts an influence upon their worship of the divine.

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