A bound for certain s-extremal lattices and codes by Gaborit P. PDF

By Gaborit P.

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TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine ! RECORDING AUDIO 41 NOTE Removing Audio Removing audio from the project does not delete the audio file from your hard disk; the file can be removed permanently by using the Pool (more on the Pool in Chapter 14). Now let’s record. For this exercise, we are going to assume that you still have your punch out point set to bar 5. 1. Click on the Record Enable button for the audio track if it is not already selected. The track will be enabled for recording.

The list may differ from what is shown here. If you want to use the sounds of an external MIDI keyboard or sound module, you need to select the output that is connected to your external device from the Output drop-down menu. 47 Recording MIDI Now that your track is connected to the A1 VST instrument and can be heard when you play your controller, the next step is to record. We are going to use the same punch in and punch out options that we used when we recorded audio in Chapter 3. Setting the Punch In and Out Times — Locators In Chapter 3, we entered the punch in and out times manually.

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A bound for certain s-extremal lattices and codes by Gaborit P.

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