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S) in one year. This requires much skill and a location where the bees will find qood honey plants. The Indian honeybee is a good producer but has a few defects to keep in mind. Sometimes colonies will leave the hives of the beekeeper and return to living in the wild. At other times, a stronq colony will rob the honey from weaker hives in the beekeeper's yard causinq its death. In addition, the bees use little propolis and are often helpless against certain types of which enter the hives and damage the combs.

Are Young from place to The times of major and minor honeyflows vary A successful beekeeper must learn to adjust hive manageplace. ment to seasonal changes in the life of the colony. First-year Swarms A swarm captured shortly before the major honeyflow and placed in a new beehive will probably use most of the honey they make Th;e colId combs for brood iearing ard honey storage. ony’s honey - stores should not fall below three kiloqrams (kg) lbs) or about 2 f ull frames. ; colony. so they all require colonies equal, same time, and respond equally to colonies should be fed a 50% sugar begins.

37 BARVESTING TRB CROPS (XONEY AND BEESWAX) Beekeepers usually measure honey production in kilograms or of surplus honey varies depending pounds. The yearly production on the strength of the colony and the region where the beekeeping is takinq place. Probably the most efficient way to get honey out of the comb is to uncap, or remove, the thin cells covers with a warm knife and spin out the liquid honey with a honey extractor (see Figure 28). The honey extractor is made with a drum and basket fittinq inside that holds two or four wooden frames.

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